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To ensure that our clients receive exceptional service and satisfaction. Creating client relationships and protecting your investment is our #1 Priority

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Our VA and MD certified testers know the proper procedures to test your home. Don’t rely on just anyone to ensure your safety!

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RMJ Home Inspection is about providing the best possible inspection experience while using the latest technology. We are also striving to provide you with the best service and product to help you better understand your home. We record our inspections to better serve you!


RMJ Home Inspection  inspectors now perform infrared home inspections. All objects have a surface temperature caused by emissivity. As the temperature changes all the material including drywall, wood, and sheathing material all change temperatures at different rates.


It is important that your gutters be free of leaves and other debris, otherwise serious problems may result. Blocked gutters and downspouts are the leading cause of new basement water problems. If the water is not being directed adequately away from your house it will usually end up in your basement.


Beware of the inspector who refuses to show you a sample of their actual home inspection report!

By previewing a report, you’ll get a better understanding of what to expect during an actual home inspection…

What Our Fantastic Clients Say

“James is very professional, thorough, punctual, organized, knowledgeable and respectful to all parties. He truly is an asset to your company. Thank you for the great service provided by such a fantastic employee!!”

Christine I.
Allen Tate

“James is always so professional. No matter whether my client is a first time home buyer or a seasoned buyer, James always gives a thorough report making them feel comfortable making informed decisions on the purchase of the home. James is top-notch. I will always recommend him to my clients. Thanks!”

Jenny E.
Allen Tate

“James was punctual, polite, and professional. He answered all of my questions and provided a full 11 month inspection report that we were able to pass on to our builder. Would highly recommend James to anyone looking to have their home inspected!”

Melanie F.
Satisfied Client!

James was great! He answered all of our questions, explained everything in detail, and was just wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend him to others.”

Karen L.
Satisfied Client!

“Please thank the guys for doing an excellent job with this. It was more thorough than I imagined and just saved me from making one of the worst decisions of my life.”

Ryan C.
Satisfied Client!